Our Story

Mission and Values

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, you can trust our expertise in this industry. We know what we’re doing, and we love doing it. When we started this company, we had a burning passion and love which still drives us every day to be the best possible business we can be. We know that every day we provide a great experience for everyone who trusts our services, and we work hard to always offer the highest quality possible. We are happy to do what we do.


A Family Owned and Operated Hydraulic Repair Business for Over 30 Years

Once established, he continued his dream to reopen Deemack in Canada. He used his genius expertise and personable skills to transition his company from a mobile hydraulic shop in a cube van to a regionally well-known hydraulic repair shop. We've specialized in the design, repair and maintenance of various drilling companies within Alberta and expanded to the USA, Mexico, South America and Germany. David has been fondly referenced as the "hydraulic whisperer" for his unorthodox approach to his craft. Throughout the 25+ years of operation, Deemack has been involved in multiple projects in various industries. Whether it is reconstructing agricultural equipment for the large farming community in Alberta or redesigning water wells in Mexico and Africa, there has been no project or task that Deemack hasn't been able to tackle.

About the Owner

Originally founded in Harare, Zimbabwe, in the early 1980s. Deemack Enterprises Ltd Hydraulic Repair and Service in Calgary has been helping drilling companies, truck owners and farmers stay on track with exceptional hydraulic parts, servicing and repairs since 1992. Our owner, David Mackenzie, immigrated to Canada in the early '90s to start a better life for himself and his family after experiencing the turmoil in Southern Africa. He started in the workforce in Alberta to establish himself in this new territory.