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Deemack Enterprises Ltd. Hydraulic Repair and Service in Calgary: Trusted. Professional.

Originally founded in Zimbabwe in the early 1980’s, Deemack Enterprises Ltd. Hydraulic Repair and Service in Calgary has been helping drilling companies, truck owners and farmers stay on track by providing them with exceptional hydraulic parts, servicing and repairs since 1992. Locally owned and operated, our knowledgeable technicians understand all aspects of hydraulics systems and were recently mentioned in Better Business Bureau magazine for their guaranteed satisfaction and insight.

Hydraulic Parts and Replacements

Having a key hydraulic component break down in a piece of important machinery can cause terrible delays and an even worse headache. Our shop carries a wide selection of hydraulic parts and replacement hydraulic components. We can cover the replacement of:

  • Cylinders
  • Motors
  • Pistons and gears
  • Pumps
  • Valve banks
  • Hoses and fittings

Drilling Rig Servicing and Repairs

Having a company that can service common transport vehicles is one thing – but having a company that can professionally service and repair rigs such as drilling equipment, 18-wheelers and tractors is even better. No matter the repairs needed or the size of the vehicle/machinery, our technicians can cover everything from minor internal servicing to full hydraulic repairs. We can also perform routine rig maintenance to increase safety.

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